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Project History

In 2015, the inhabitants of the Costa Abajo de Colón and Coclé del Norte were introduced to a project that could change their lives forever: the construction of a highway, a direct connection from Miguel de la Borda to Coclé del Norte .

Imagine for a moment, more than 10,000 hearts beating to the rhythm of hope.

This project, presented by the then Minister of Public Works, stood as a beacon of opportunities for these communities, which for years have longed for a road solution that would bring them closer to the rest of the country.

This ambitious plan included the creation of a 40 km highway, a path that would shorten distances and broaden horizons. But it was not just asphalt and cement, it was the materialization of postponed dreams, the answer to a cry that has resounded in the mountains and the beaches of this wonderful Caribbean region of the country.

In that Cabinet Council, on the 30th of  June 2015, the minister determinedly stated: "This highway is the solution that our brothers and sisters on the Costa Abajo have been waiting for. And it is time that their voices are heard and heeded." But as we know, sometimes promises hang in the air, like a sigh that never materializes.

Eight years have passed since then, under administrations that left behind the hopes of the residents. However, at this very moment, we are facing a golden opportunity, a rebirth that flashes like the sun at dawn. A group of brave, staunch hearts from these communities have come together and taken the first steps towards a better future.

In the years 2021 and 2022, with determination as a compass and effort as a motor, they have begun access to civilization. Although the road is rough and passable only on horseback or on foot, their will has allowed them to brave adversity and the rainy season. However, this is only the first chapter of the story they are writing.

The next stage stands before us with an urgent call: the improvement of the highway, the construction of bridges and storm drains that grant decent access, even for 4x4 vehicles. And what would a dream be without the collective strength to make it come true? This is where your help comes into play, where your generosity becomes a fundamental brick in this great work.

We call on all kind hearts, those who wish to see these communities prosper and their citizens flourish. Together, we can transform what seemed like a distant dream into a tangible reality. Your contribution, no matter its size, will have a lasting impact, not only on the lives of the direct beneficiaries, but on the very soul of our country.

Each donation is a seed of change, a gesture that will be reflected over the years, an echo of solidarity that will resonate in the heart of each person who benefits from this road. It is an act of love for the country and its children, it is an investment in a more connected, fairer and more promising future.


Highway Project
Miguel de La Borda to Coclé Del Norte

This project contemplates the improvement of 33 km of highway, 5 bridges and 8 storm drains, from Miguel De La Borda to Coclé Del Norte

Cominidad trabajando
La comunidad y su apoyo
Corte De Carretera
llegando a Cocle Del Norte 2021

Please join our national and international campaign to raise the necessary funds to make this dream a reality. Every contribution, no matter how small, brings us one step closer to the goal.


Your contribution will be the foundation on which we will build a path of hope and progress. Together, with your hand extended to this noble cause, we will shape a better tomorrow for thousands of Panamanians who deserve a better future. Let's make history together.


Join us on this transformative journey!

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