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  • "How can I verify the authenticity of this project?"
    This project began its first stage in 2021 when access was opened for the first time with a cut of 33 kilometers from Miguel De La Borda to Cocle Del Norte< in 2022 cleaning work and improvements were made throughout the route. You can browse this website for more information.
  • Because the government doesn't
    Although it should be the responsibility of the government to guarantee access to all communities in our country, unfortunately a model of corruption has taken root that only benefits its own interests. This This community is one among many that have been marginalized and forgotten. Despite these adversities, the residents of this part of the country are not willing to continue without hope and have decided to take control of the situation.
  • "What is the control process for the funds raised?
    Detailed reports on the funds raised in the campaigns carried out in Panama, the United States and Europe will be published on the transparency page of this website. the corresponding financial reports.
  • "Who are part of the team working on this project?"
    Since its inception in 2021, all this work has been carried out and financed thanks to the dedication and effort of men, women, children and the elderly from all communities, from Miguel de la Borda to Coclé del Norte, who have donated thousands of hours of work. In each of the communities a board of directors has been organized for the Miguel De La Borda to Coclé Del Norte highway
  • "When is the start of the next stage of this project scheduled?"
    The next stage is scheduled to start in February 2024, its start will depend on weather conditions and the arrival of the summer season.< /p>
  • "Who are the beneficiaries of this project?"
    This project generates benefits that extend throughout the country and to more than 20 communities on the coast below Colón, belonging to the district of Donoso, with an estimated population of more than 20,000 inhabitants.Beyond facilitating road access for local residents, this project will promote comprehensive development, especially boosting the region's tourism potential.
  • "What are the benefits of participating?"
    Participating in this amazing project will bring you multiple benefits. First of all, you will experience the satisfaction of having contributed to the improvement of the conditions of more than 20,000 inhabitants in this area. Your donation will not only be appreciated, but it will transform lives. In addition, you will automatically become eligible to be selected as one of the 10 recipients. We will distribute 40% of the total collected in the campaign in Panama, in 10 equal parts, 10 people who live within the national territory will benefit in equal parts, including nationals and foreigners who have participated and with the hope that we can also be of help in the improvement and transformation of your own life if you come out as one of the lucky ones.
  • Who and how can participate with the option to be benefited?
    All persons, both national and foreign, who reside within the national territory and make a minimum donation of $5.00 US dollars to the Banco General account through Yappy or transfer, will they be participating automatically? When making your donation with yappy or bank transfer, include your name and cell phone number, we will contact you if you are one of the beneficiaries.
  • "When will the selection of the beneficiaries take place?"
    The first selection of the 10 beneficiaries will take place at Camaroncito EcoResort and live through social networks with the participation of the pro-road Cocle Del Norte directives Wednesday February 14, 2024 day of LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP.
  • What method will you use to select the beneficiaries?
    we will use a digital application that will automatically select the 10 beneficiaries. The first step will consist of exporting the data from Banco General, which will contain the information of all the people who have made donations. The second step, a review will be carried out with automatic parameters to ensure that only those people who have met the minimum requirement ( donate $5.00 ) to be part of the selection process. The third step will involve entering all the details of the participants, along with their information, into the digital application. The selection will take place live on social networks from Camaroncito EcoResort on the lower coast of Colon in the presence of the members of the pro-highway boards of each neighboring town
  • "How will I know if I was selected as a beneficiary?"
    The names of the 10 people selected as beneficiaries will be disclosed on this web page, in the transparency section. Include in the detail of your donation with yappy or bank transfer your name and cell phone number, we will contact you in case you are one of the beneficiaries. If you give us your consent, we will make a live call on Instagram, before requesting your consent with a phone call
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